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    Company Profile

    People oriented, focus on training personnel to provide sustainable development for the enterprise.
    Take root in the market, understand and meet the market in time to benefit the society and promote the development of the society.
    Pragmatic innovation, construction of enterprise brand image innovation to promote the market stand firmly and fight steadily, healthy and sustainable development.
    Provide first-class products and services for enterprises.
    Provide strong support for the prosperity and development of the society.
    Construction "male" brand, in order to continue to develop and benefit the community.
    Quick response: take the customer as the center, continuously meet the customer's request.
    People oriented: focus on the cultivation of talent, talent resources is the protection of the sustainable development of the male.
    Market orientation: take root in the market to understand and meet the market; to benefit the society.

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    Tel: Miss Chen
      Miss Gao
    Fax: 86-754-85309268
    Address: Kim Jinyuan Industrial Zone Jinping District Guangdong Province Chaoshan road Shantou City Hing Road four